Our Services

Professional IT support services are indispensable to all trades and professions. By listening to and analyzing your needs and nature of your company, we aim to provide tailor-made services and the most suitable solution to facilitate the smooth running of your business. We are dedicated to provide one-stop professional services and advice, including consultation on IT-related issues like company establishment, network design, cabling, phone system installation, purchase of computer and network equipment, equipment configuration and daily technical support, to help our clients to achieve efficient operation.

IT Outsourcing helps to reduce costs and enables your company to manage resources more effectively. We will tailor-made a suitable computer maintenance program for you based on your company needs and nature.

Structured network design can improve performance and reduce costs, with the increasing demand in needs and complexity, improvement in network design and cabling is indispensable.

Data is an important asset of a company, when there is a case of hardware damage, accidental data deletion, virus infection, fire or flood, data backup is the key to rescue. With our data backup and recovery solution, your company data can be effectively restored.

Network threats are on the rise in the world, network security equipment configuration can help keep your system from being attacked. With our network security solution, your networks and systems are protected from these potential attacks.

Traditional server is designed to operate one operating system at the same time, so companies usually set up multiple servers, the cost is higher. With virtualization, one server can run multiple operating systems at the same time to save energy and costs.

Cloud services not only bring cost-effectiveness but also improve efficiency. With our cloud service setup and support services, your company can migrate legacy systems to cloud services and you can continue your business anytime, anywhere.

Ransomware had been in silence for a while and has recently become active. It will lock a computer system and some files will be encrypted, even if the ransomware is removed, the encrypted files may not be saved. With our file system solution, your files are protected.

We provide one-stop computer equipment relocation service, with our professional relocation service, we design a unique relocation program for your company to complete the complex relocation project with minimal downtime to save money and time.